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Morrow’s Moving & Storage is your overseas moving company in BC. As BC international movers, we are dedicated to providing you with friendly service, and quality moving practices to make your overseas move simple and stress-free! Our skilled professionals, equipment standards, and highly trained movers and drivers are ready to handle any local moving need you have. We provide all of our outstanding services at affordable rates so you can remain in your budget while receiving the highest-quality overseas move.

Ocean Freight is the most common and cost-effective option for international moves, compared to air freight. Dependent upon the size of you move, there are four options that we offer as your choice international moving company: a Lift Van, 20 Ft Container, 40 Ft Container, and Groupage Shipment.


Lift Van

The Lift Van is the smallest of the options for ocean freight and typically used for a small amount of personal goods and household items. Lift Vans are consolidated in a shipping container with other Lift Vans going to the same destination. Customers should be aware that the transit time is often extended as a result. Household goods can be shipped in multiple List Vans, although a single use shipping container, such as the ones listed below, will be more effective for most customers with an average shipment size. The volume of a lift van is 197 cubic feet. The dimensions are 87′ X 45” X 87′.


20 ft Container

This is the most common shipment method for an international move. The 20 ft container has the capacity to hold 1100 cubic feet internally and is roughly the size of a single car garage. A 20 ft container will accommodate all sizes of furniture and personal items. If your shipment does not use the whole container, we will carefully secure your household goods with a bulkhead (a plywood wall), which will brace the shipment during transportation and keep all your items safely stowed. The volume of a 20 ft container is 1100 cubic feet internally. The dimensions are 8.6ft X 8.6ft X 20 ft.


40 ft Container

A 40 ft container is one of the largest capacity containers offered for household moving services. With a capacity of 2200 cubic feet, the container is roughly the size of a 2 whole car garages. The 40 ft container is the ideal choice for a moving to or from a larger home with more furniture. The volume of a 40 ft container is 2200 cubic feet internally. The dimensions are 8.6ft X 8.6ft X 40 ft.


Groupage Shipment

Depending on what your unique shipping needs are, groupage shipping may be the most economical and affordable option for your move. Groupage shipment involves the use of a 20 or 40 ft container with many shipments going to the same destination. Think of this option as carpooling your shipment with other moving clients. This option has the longest transit time and is only offered to some destination countries. Please call Morrow’s Moving & Storage for more information about whether your move qualifies for Groupage Shipment.


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